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Yoko Shimizu

The fusion of art and science opens doors to possibilities beyond our imagination

Experience the latest art projects that explore the mechanisms of nature and biology in the exhibitions, talks, and workshops around the world.



Labwork and exhibitions

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LATEST exhibition

The Future Happened

The Future Happened
Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA)
Online from 9 April 2021


Beyond Earth creates artworks to reference life on Earth and the current challenges we face referencing human population growth, consumption and degradation, and preservation of Earth’s biodiversity.


  • Exhibition at the Museum of Design Atlanta - アメリカのアトランタ・デザイン美術館での展覧会...

  • Featured in the latest Apple commercial - 清水陽子の作品がAppleのCMで使用されています...

  • Exhibition movie of MOT Annual at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo - 東京都現代美術館「MOTアニュアル2020 透明な力たち」の展示映像...

  • Quantum Questions Exhibition at Romania - ルーマニアで開催の「Quantum Questions」展で作品を展示...

  • Yoko Shimizu artist talk at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo - オンライントーク「地球から宇宙へと広がるバイオアート 」東京都現代美術館 VABF関連イベント...

  • Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo - 東京都現代美術館「MOTアニュアル2020 透明な力たち」...

Ars Electronica Futurelab

Laboratory and atelier for future systems



Envisioning the Future – At the Ars Electronica Futurelab, a team of international artists and scientists come together from a wide range of disciplines for the research and development of technological innovation. Concepts, designs, and technologies for the future are realised in collaboration with companies, government organisations, educational institutions, and creative communities worldwide.

Beyond Earth

Exploring new frontiers of art, space, and biology



The future of humanity transcends the boundaries of Earth and beyond – Beyond Earth is an international multidisciplinary artist collective that expands the possibility of art on Earth and beyond. By linking art, space, and biology, we build global awareness of our home planet and explore creativity in the far reaches of outer space.