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Yoko Shimizu

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LATEST exhibition

Yoko Shimizu 清水陽子

MOT Annual 2020

MOTアニュアル 透明な力たち

14 Nov 2020 – 14 Feb 2021


The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo presents a group exhibition every year to introduce the latest achievements in Japanese Art, in the MOT Annual exhibition. The exhibition celebrates young Japanese artists who represent the current art scene from diverse and distinct perspectives.


  • Yoko Shimizu artist talk at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo - オンライントーク「地球から宇宙へと広がるバイオアート 」東京都現代美術館 VABF関連イベント...

  • Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo - 東京都現代美術館「MOTアニュアル2020 透明な力たち」...

  • Project Launch with Twist Bioscience - アートをエンコードしたDNAカプセルが宇宙へ飛び立ちます...