Yoko Shimizu

Tides of Light

Tides of Light (2023)
In Tides of Light, we explore the future of sustainable co-creation with nature through a series of artistic expressions created with bioluminescent marine plankton called Dinoflagellates. Bioluminescence is a process where organisms produce light and is found in many marine organisms. Dinoflagellates use sunlight during the day for photosynthesis and emit beautiful light at night. In nature, invisible chemical and molecular communication occurs, which humans and machines cannot always perceive. However, bioluminescence can be perceived by both humans and machines as light, giving us a pathway to interaction and co-creation. Tides of Light sheds light on the Earth’s ecosystem, communication, and raises awareness of climate change.

This multimedia installation includes aluminum prints, a video installation, and tools used for co-creation with bioluminescent marine algae.

Stars in the Ocean (2023)
A poem written with the light strokes created with bioluminescent algae. The original poem was written during Shimizu’s trip to a remote fishing town in Europe as she conceptualized the artistic series for co-creation with marine organisms.

Image Credit: BioBAT Art Space, Yoko Shimizu