Yoko Shimizu


The installation explores the relationship between plants and gravity and was first showcased as a living plant installation and performance at Shimizu’s exhibition in 2016. Tulip bulbs were planted in clear, soil-filled containers, suspended upside down in mid-air, and captured in photographs and video as they grew and adapted, turning 180 degrees to face upwards creating beautiful, twisting formations. The beauty and accuracy of various growth angles, such as 90-degree L shapes, two 180-degree S-shapes, and circular 360-degree shapes, demonstrate the agency and resilience of the natural world.

Materials: Plants, lab-ware, custom plant cultivation equipment
Years: 2016 – Present

Exhibitions: BioBAT Art Space (2022-2023), Museum of Modern Art Tokyo (2020-2021), NARS Foundation (2019), LAD GALLERY (2016)