Yoko Shimizu

Life Ink 2.0 Launch

Life Ink is now featured in the permanent exhibition at the Ars Electronica Center. The Life Ink prototype has been upgraded to Life Ink 2.0 for the public to explore and enjoy.

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Compass reloaded! Navigating the Future – May 2023
After a significant thematic redesign in 2019, we unveiled the Ars Electronica Center with the theme “Compass – Navigating the Future.” Since then, the Ars Electronica Center has served as a compass, guiding visitors through the technological developments and systems of the 21st century. Now, four years later and enriched by the experiences of a pandemic that triggered a substantial push toward digitalization in all areas of life, it’s time to “recalibrate the compass.” The topics of Artificial Intelligence, Neuro-Bionics, Genetic Engineering, and Biotechnology, along with the global changes we embraced in 2019, are more relevant today than ever before. Explore the newly adapted exhibition areas at the Ars Electronica Center this weekend.

Theme Weekend: Compass reloaded! Navigating the Future

Live-Performance: Life Ink 2.0 – Dec 2023