Yoko Shimizu

Vibrant Matter


BioBAT Art Space, New York
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 8, 2022, 7 – 9 pm
Closing Date: Saturday, April 26, 2023

Vibrant Matter is a solo exhibition by Japanese bio-artist and researcher Yoko Shimizu that features a selection of the artist’s work exploring the dynamism, agency, and expressive potential of living systems. Working with plants, microbial organisms, and natural phenomena as subject matter, material, and artistic collaborators, Shimizu’s work reveals the invisible intra-acting forces that animate processes of creation, adaptation, growth, and transformation in all organic matter. In both her scientific research and artistic practice, Shimizu’s work asks: How do we as humans shift our relationship with nature from one of domination and control to one of symbiosis and collaboration? How do we reconcile our own conception of ourselves as autonomous subjects with the reality of our material entanglement with non-human agents like plants and microbes? In her work, Shimizu develops novel techniques and materials that manifest the infinite wisdom of nature and its self-determined creative potential.

Curated by: Elena Soterakis

Special thanks to: Julia Kaganskiy, NARS Foundation, Genspace, Brooklyn Glass, SUNY Downstate, Economic Development Corporation, and BioBAT Inc

Image Credit: Yoko Shimizu, BioBAT Art Space
Plants x Anatomy x Digital
DNA capsule x Art x Space
Plants x Anatomy x Artificial Intelligence
Photosynthesis x Chemistry x Plants
Gravity x Chemistry x Plants
Microbiology x Fabrication x Sound
Like a Cloud in the Water
DNA x Music
Biology x Fabrication
Biology x Materials x Fabrication
In the Balance
Water x Gravity x Earth
Echoes of the Danube
Microbiology x Environment x Music