Yoko Shimizu

Matsudo International Science Art Festival


The Matsudo International Science Art Festival is an annual celebration that takes place in the picturesque city of Matsudo, Japan. The festival brings together a diverse group of artists, scientists, and researchers from all over the world to showcase their latest projects. The festival endeavours to connect art, science, and nature and is held in various locations throughout Matsudo City, including the central venue, Tojo-tei and Tojogaoka Historical Park, which is a historic architectural site and garden.

During the festival, there are numerous exhibitions, talks, and workshops in the festival venues. Additionally, local shops and artists display “catalyst” signs and host their own events, creating a vibrant atmosphere for visitors to connect, collaborate, and be inspired throughout the city.

2023: Seeds of Hope
2022: Circular Creativity
2021: Open City
2020: Garden of Creativity
2019: Citizens of the Future
2018: Space of Imagination

Festival Program

Image Credit: Yoko Shimizu, Hajime Kato, Ayami Kawashima, Mari Kuzuhara, Yoshiaki Suzuki (Matsudo International Science Art Festival)