Yoko Shimizu


Photosynthesis x Chemistry x Plants
Gravity x Chemistry x Plants
Anatomy of Flora
Plants x Anatomy x Digital
Dream Flora
Plants x Anatomy x Artificial Intelligence
Materials of Life
Biology x Materials x Fabrication
Bio Speakers
Microbiology x Fabrication x Sound
Biology x Fabrication
In the Balance
Water x Gravity x Earth
From Earth, To Space
DNA capsule x Data x Space
Life Ink
Brainwaves x Biosignals x Visualization
Bio Ink
Microbiology x Digital x Ink
Microbiology x Artificial Intelligence x Music
Biomimicry x AI x Space
Scent of Life
Fragrance x Flavor x Art
Cycles of Life
Microbiology x Art
Spiral Dynamics
Nature x Flight x Space
Future Tunnel
Nature x AI x Sound
Organic Crystals
Biochemistry x Sculpture
Hydroponic 2.0
Hydroponics x Art
Water Lens
Water x Physicis
Soap Bubble Geometry
Nature x Chemistry x Mathmatics
Stem Injection
Plants x Color
Liquified Sound
Water x Sound