Yoko Shimizu

Flora Series

Anatomy of Flora

In this project, anatomical images of numerous plant species are collected for artistic observation and creative experimentation. Throughout history, biologists have recorded the internal and external structure of plants in many ways. Modern technology allows us to capture images more vibrantly and in detail for various creative experimentation and expressions.


Materials: plants, lab tools
Year: 2016 – present

Exhibitions: BioBAT Art Space (2022-2023), Museum of Modern Art Tokyo (2020-2021), NARS Foundation (2019), LAD GALLERY (2016)

Dream Flora

Artificial Intelligence generates imaginary “Dream Flora” from the images collected in the “Anatomy of Flora” series.
Anatomy of Floraシリーズで集められた植物解剖の画像から、人工知能が想像上のDream Floraを生成。

Materials: Images, videos
Year: 2019 – present
Exhibitions: BioBAT Art Space (2022-2023), NEW ENERGY TOKYO (2022), rooms Tokyo (2021)

Future Flora

Exploring the future of co-creation and creative ecosystems with Flora.

Materials: Plants, microorganisms, DNA
Year: 2019 – present
Exhibitions: BioBAT Art Space (2022-2023), International Space Station (2022-), Museum of Design Atlanta (2022), Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (2020-2021), NEW ENERGY TOKYO (2022), rooms Tokyo (2021)

Yoko Shimizu, Biodiversity in Space, 2020, Plants, Microorganisms, and human DNA