Hydroculture 2.0


Yoko Shimizu 清水陽子


In Lab +1e, we are constantly researching new ways to cultivate various forms of life. In this project, we are experimenting with hydroculture technology to grow and manipulate small bonsai trees. Nutrients and air are provided artificially to maintain the trees in a healthy condition.


Lab +1eでは、あらゆる生物の新しい育成方法を常に研究しています。このプロジェクトではハイドロカルチャーの技術を使って小さな盆栽の樹木を栽培そして操作しています。樹木の健康を保つために、栄養や空気を人工的に送り込んでいます。


The trees are grown in a clean lab or a gallery. The hydroculture technology allows us to add different types of substances in the hydroponic nutrient solution to manipulate the trees and their flowers. We can also enjoy the beautiful growth of the roots.




In Hydroponic 2.0, cherry blossoms and plum blossoms have successfully flourished with blue flowers. It is fascinating to watch the gradual transition of the flower petals as they turn blue. The intricate blue patters are created by the veins of the petals. The photos include hydroponic pine trees, cherry trees and plum trees.


Hydroponic 2.0では桜や梅に青い花を咲かせています。繊細な花びらがゆっくりと青色に変化する様子はとても美しく、さらに花びらの脈が美しいパターンを形成します。このページでは松、桜、梅の事例を掲載しています。



Hydroculture 2.0


2015 - present


Pine tree, cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, and hydroculture equipment

Biology, Chemistry
bioart, biodesign, biology, bonsai, chemistry, cherry blossoms, hydroculture, plants