Future Tunnel


In a future city where nature, science, and culture coexist seamlessly, expressways and tunnels also evolve into a creative space that connects nature with cutting-edge technology. Matsudo City aims to become an international creative city of the future. As an opening event of the Tokyo Gaikan Expressway Matsudo Interchange, a beltway that connects the greater Tokyo area, the expressway was open to the public as a creative space on May 12th 2018.

The Future Tunnel is an interactive installation created in collaboration with the University of Tokyo. It connects and visualizes the voices of the visitors and the sounds of nature and its wildlife. Blue skies and forest trees are projected onto the ceiling of the tunnel, and the chirping sounds generate vibrant images of the birds as they fly across the ceiling. The voices of the visitors are also visualized as virtual sound particles that emerge and diffuse, creating an immersive experience. The Tele Echo Tubes (TET) connect the tunnel with the surrounding forests of Mt.Fuji. The TETs not only receive the sounds from nature but also send the voices of the visitors to the forest to enable interaction with wildlife and mountain echos. In future cities, advanced technologies such as IoT and AI (artificial intelligence) can be connected with nature in new ways so that we can better coexist with nature.



トンネル内部の天井には青空と森のプロジェクションが広がり、鳥のさえずりと共にその鮮やかな姿が飛び交い、来場者の声も仮想的な粒子として視覚化され、発生しては広がり、幻想的な空間を創出。また、Tele Echo Tubeによってトンネル内部と富士山付近の森をつなぐことで、自然や動物の音を受け取るだけでなく、来場者の声を森に送ることで、動物や山びこなど自然界との相互作用を楽しむことができます。未来の社会では、自然とIoTやAI(人工知能)が新しい方法でつながることで、より豊かな自然共存型の社会が実現されることでしょう。


制作 / Project team
ディレクター / Director: 清水陽子
科学技術 / Technology: 小林博樹准教授(東京大学空間情報科学研究センター)、下徳大祐
デザイナー / Design: クレバノフ・ユリ、磯部宏太( RCA-IIS Tokyo Design Lab)
制作協力 / Project Support: 0(! Zero Factorial)

Yoko Shimizu 清水陽子


Future Tunnel 未来トンネル



Nature, Technology
art, nature, science, technology