Yoko Shimizu Exhibition - Anatomy of Flora - Yoko Shimizu 清水陽子
Innovating the world through art and science - Latest news from our biology design lab. 科学と芸術を融合する現代芸術家、清水陽子の公式ホームページ。バイオテクノロジーを中心に先端科学を用いたデザインラボ「Lab +1e」から最新情報を発信中。
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Yoko Shimizu 清水陽子

Yoko Shimizu Exhibition – Anatomy of Flora –

In the Art Lab Exhibition Series, we integrate art and Science to visualize the beauty of natural and scientific phenomena. In the Anatomy of Flora exhibition, we are happy to present the latest works by the contemporary artist and biochemistry researcher, Yoko Shimizu.

In the April exhibition, the artist will create a scientific installation using spring flowers and plants. The word “flora” in biology refers to “all the plants that live in a particular area, time, period, or environment”. Flora is also the name of the goddess of flowers and spring in Roman mythology.

In the Anatomy of Flora exhibition, we will setup a botanical lab in the gallery. There will be a photography series of plant anatomy, aerial cultivation of flowers using gravitropism of plant hormones, 3D holographic virtual garden, and stem injection using the transport system of the vascular bundle.

Join us as we experience the living structures of Flora that can only be seen in spring.

1-14-18 room121, Nagono, Nishiku Nagoya, Aichi

Apr. 9(Sat)_23(Sat)
13:00_18:00(Fri/Sat -19:00)

The artist will be at the gallery on Apr.9(Sat), 10(Sun), and 23(Sat).
Detailed schedules will be updated on the artist website and blog.

Yoko Shimizu 清水陽子

科学と芸術を融合し、自然現象や科学的な法則を視覚化することで、アートして体験する展覧会「Art Lab Series」。

4月の新作は春の草花を使った科学的なインスタレーション「Anatomy of Flora」。



名古屋市西区那古野1-14-18 ビル北館121

2016年4月9日(土) – 4月23日(土)
13:00 – 18:00(金土は19:00まで)(最終日は17:00まで)