Yoko Shimizu 清水陽子 | Shiseido Gallery Exhibition
Innovating the world through art and science - Latest news from our biology design lab. 科学と芸術を融合する現代芸術家、清水陽子の公式ホームページ。バイオテクノロジーを中心に先端科学を用いたデザインラボ「Lab +1e」から最新情報を発信中。
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清水陽子 Yoko Shimizu

Shiseido Gallery Exhibition

Link of Life 2017 at the Shiseido Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo.


『LINK OF LIFE 2017 まわれ右脳!展』を開催

資生堂は、2017年10月26日(木)から11月10日(金)まで、東京・銀座の「資生堂ギャラリー」において、資生堂の研究員、社員と外部のアーティスト、企業・団体が出会い(リンクし)、“新しい美”の創造に取り組む企画展『LINK OF LIFE 2017まわれ右脳!展』を開催します。

展覧会:『LINK OF LIFE 2017まわれ右脳!展』
主催:株式会社 資生堂
URL: http://www.shiseidogroup.jp/gallery




キラキラと輝くガラス管の中を流れ落ちる抽出液 ー 原料である草花から得られた化学成分は、やがて1つの瓶へと濃縮されます。濃縮液の蓋を開けると、成分は外に広がり、香りとして取り込まれ、私たちの記憶と感情を刺激します。





The Scent of Life

Extracts from plants glisten as they stream down the glass tubes and eventually flow into one glass bottle. When we open the lid of the bottle, the chemical components are released into the air and stimulate our emotion and memory when inhaled as a scent.

Each ingredient holds different properties linked to beauty, maternity, intelligence, and gentleness – at the same time they can be bitter and spicy – like the complex lives and emotions of women in modern society.

In this installation, we are utilizing the technology used in the development of beauty beverages and supplements to mix the extracts in numerous ways and to express the diverse lives of women today – how we shine, struggle, and face our inner contradictions. The extract solution can be experienced as a scent, a sense that is directly connected to our primal emotions and memory among the five senses.

The vivid color of the ingredients, transitioning beautifully from solid, liquid, and gaseous states, enhances the experience with the sense of vision.

Each extract solution on the table represents a different woman in our society. The installation celebrates our differences to help us truly accept and embrace who we are.

Yoko Shimizu


Exhibition movie on the official Shiseido YouTube channel.

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