Underwater Efflorescence - Yoko Shimizu 清水陽子
Flowers are grown to blossom underwater. Exploration of evolution and biodiversity. Yoko Shimizu - Lab +1e Tokyo 水中で開花するように育成された花。生命の進化について考える。清水陽子 - Lab +1e Tokyo
art, science, bio, biology, biochemistry, bio tech, bio art, yoko shimizu, flower, underwater, evolution, biodiversity, Lab +1e, 清水陽子, バイオアート, アート, 科学, 進化, 生物多様性, 水中開花
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Underwater Efflorescence

About This Project


Underwater Efflorescence is an experimental installation series that explores the concept of evolution and biodiversity. In this experiment, flowers are grown underwater to blossom into the water at an art/science lab in Tokyo. They are exposed to a new environment to gradually adapt and evolve.




Our Earth’s climate and environment have changed throughout history. Many species have become extinct, but those who managed to adapt to the new environment have survived and evolved.




The installation series shows the beauty and the strength of species surviving in a new condition.




Yoko Shimizu 清水陽子


Underwater Efflorescence


Water, plants, CO2, O2, sunlight

Art, Biology