Inspire Talks at The University of Tokyo
Innovating the world through art and science - Latest news from our biology design lab. 科学と芸術を融合する現代芸術家、清水陽子の公式ホームページ。バイオテクノロジーを中心に先端科学を用いたデザインラボ「Lab +1e」から最新情報を発信中。
Yoko Shimizu, art, science, bio, biology, biotechnology, bioart, biodesign, urbangardening, nature
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RCA-IIS Tokyo Design Lab - Yoko Shimizu

Inspire Talks at The University of Tokyo

東京大学のRCA-IIS Tokyo Design Labにて、 “Inspire Talks”イベントシリーズの第2回目が開催されます。

清水 陽子 – 現代芸術家、バイオテクノロジスト
松永 行子 – 東京大学生産技術研究所 講師
亀井 潤 – RCA-IIS Tokyo Design Lab 研究員


We are very excited to invite you, your colleagues and students to the 2nd event of a new “Inspire Talks” event series, which we will be hosting at 7pm on Thursday, January 18th at the RCA-IIS Tokyo design Lab.

Yoko Shimizu – Biochemistry Artist
Dr. Yukiko Tsuda Matsunaga Ph.D. – Head of Matsunaga Lab, IIS
Jun Kamei – Research associate, RCA-IIS Tokyo Design Lab

Thu, January 18, 2018
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM JST

RCAxIIS Tokyo Design Lab
S-206, S Building, IIS
The University of Tokyo Komaba 4-6-1
Meguro-Ku, Tokyo 153-8505