Biodesign Lab Exhibition in New York
Innovating the world through art and science - Latest news from our biology design lab. 科学と芸術を融合する現代芸術家、清水陽子の公式ホームページ。バイオテクノロジーを中心に先端科学を用いたデザインラボ「Lab +1e」から最新情報を発信中。
Yoko Shimizu, art, science, bio, biology, biotechnology, bioart, biodesign, urbangardening, nature
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Biodesign Lab Exhibition in New York

Yoko Shimizu: Biodesign Lab

The fusion of art and science opens doors to possibilities beyond our imagination

May 3 – 23, 2019

Opening Reception: 
Friday, May 3rd 6-8 pm
NARS Main Gallery
Yoko Shimizu blurs the lines between art and science, turning the infinite natural scientific phenomena around us into stunning installations. In Biodesign Lab, Shimizu presents her latest biological installations and live lab performances. The beauty of the scientific principles that surround us is timeless, limitless, and filled with inspiration.

NARS Foundation
201 46th St
4th Fl
Brooklyn, NY 11220-1027

Supported by the Japan Foundation and the Nomura Foundation