Yoko Shimizu 清水陽子 | 2017 September 01
Innovating the world through art and science - Latest news from our biology design lab. 科学と芸術を融合する現代芸術家、清水陽子の公式ホームページ。バイオテクノロジーを中心に先端科学を用いたデザインラボ「Lab +1e」から最新情報を発信中。
Yoko Shimizu, art, science, bio, biology, biotechnology, bioart, biodesign, urbangardening, nature
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September 2017

The first SingularityU Summit in Japan will be held at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) on Sept 6-8, 2017. Our lab will be providing a biotech...